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  • Redcat Terremoto

    Redcat Terremoto

    Redcat racing is a favourite at Chris’s House. We have carried the brand since our doors opened in 2009. The Terremoto 10 is a wonderfully conceived truck. Huge ground clearance,..

  • Kyosho AXXE T4, T5, T6

    Kyosho AXXE T4, T5, T6

    Kyosho has been around for a long time and if it’s one thing they are known for it is their 2wd buggy platforms. 2wd to most bashers means unsophisticated and..

  • Annual Mixer Recap

    Annual Mixer Recap

    The Chris’s House 6th Annual Hot Dog Mixer was a great success. Every year we make small changes and enhancements to the mixer. This year we decided to add more..

  • What’s Been Going On?

    What’s Been Going On?

    This summer has been very interesting. With road construction being done since early April, it has been the topic of many discussions for both customers and fellow businesses along the..

  • Redcat Caldera

    Redcat Caldera

    The Redcat Caldera is Chris’s House Favourite RC Vehicle of all time. It is my personal favourite and should be at the top of your list when considering a 1:10..

  • Redcat Blackout XTE

    Redcat Blackout XTE

    The Redcat Blackout XTE is a bestseller at Chris’s House It is very rare to see a new rc truck command as much attention as the blackout has done. Most..