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  • Gmade GS01 KOMODO

    Gmade GS01 KOMODO

    Gmade makes some pretty cool vehicles. I remember my first chassis from them about 12 years ago I purchased a R1 Light weight clod conversion chassis. That was a truck…

  • Redcat Terremoto

    Redcat Terremoto

    Redcat racing is a favourite at Chris’s House. We have carried the brand since our doors opened in 2009. The Terremoto 10 is a wonderfully conceived truck. Huge ground clearance,..

  • Kyosho AXXE T4, T5, T6

    Kyosho AXXE T4, T5, T6

    Kyosho has been around for a long time and if it’s one thing they are known for it is their 2wd buggy platforms. 2wd to most bashers means unsophisticated and..

  • Annual Mixer Recap

    Annual Mixer Recap

    The Chris’s House 6th Annual Hot Dog Mixer was a great success. Every year we make small changes and enhancements to the mixer. This year we decided to add more..