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  • Redcat Blackout XTE

    Redcat Blackout XTE

    The Redcat Blackout XTE is a bestseller at Chris’s House It is very rare to see a new rc truck command as much attention as the blackout has done. Most..

  • Redcat Everest 10

    Redcat Everest 10

    The Redcat Everest 10 is a value packed high performance rock crawler. Redcat Racing has been well known to produce capable value added ready to run vehicles over the past..

  • Axial YETI

    Axial YETI

    When you hear the word Yeti it usually conjures up images of a long white haired beast like creature roaming around in the snow. Well that what I used to..

  • Axial SCX10

    Axial SCX10

    The SCX10 is one of the best rock crawlers of all time. With so many rock crawlers on the market including U4 trucks, scalers, unlimited class and custom low production..