March At Chris’s House

New format Musatang RC Car

New format Musatang RC Car

March is that time of the year where things are becoming a little cheerier and a little brighter.

I omitted many February articles this year in favor of spending more time with family and friends, not to mention just staying home, relaxing, reading a book and cooking a nice meal with loved ones. It is a trade off that makes me happy. I always find it extremely difficult to write articles and reviews at the shop. Being home a bit more and enjoying life outside of work is definitely a great feeling. It seems sometimes that there is an imbalance to work and play. As I have come to know you {our customers} over the years I have heard many times “I wish I had more time to build or more time to run my cars”. Even in my line of work I have a hard time relaxing and just enjoying the fun exploits that RC cars can bring. I love playing with RC cars and trucks. When a customer hands me their remote and says “give it a rip”, I abide and let the fantasy and sheer pleasure of controlling a miniature vehicle wash over me. That’s what it is all about. A lot of people in any given hobby become entangled in what can become an “equipment sport”  which is a fancy way of saying I spent two thousand bucks on my truck and it’s awesome! Some of my favorite cars are the most simple and basic machines you could ever own. Give someone a stock Caldera or a brushed Tamiya M series car. I guarantee you will be grinning ear to ear within 10 seconds of driving the vehicle.  Get out and have some fun during our mild pre-spring weather and enjoy what makes life really living for. I know when I do, I always feel better having done so.

Until next month

Chris M