Mixer at Chris HouseThe Chris’s House 6th Annual Hot Dog Mixer was a great success. Every year we make small changes and enhancements to the mixer. This year we decided to add more trophy classes, more tables and better wieners… With over 16 trophies awarded a few lucky entrants walked away with more than 1 trophy. There were over 60 cars and trucks on display boasting amazing paint jobs and incredible detail. The mixer is always a fun day. It’s a day we at Chris’s House get to mingle personally with our customers. Those who shop with us regularly know that we are passionate about the hobby. We always love to see the end results of the countless parts and hours you put into your vehicles. The M series, monster truck, scaler and crawler classes were jammed with tables overflowing of custom RC cars and trucks. By 1:30 after all participants and spectators were full of street meat and cola it was off to the ballot box to vote for their favourite cars of the day. The votes were very close in many categories and for those who paid special attention to detail and originally they were the ones to walk away with an awesome trophy.

Chris House Mixer

Now I am going to do something I usually don’t do often. I am going to single out our Best of Show winner, Charles. Charles is new to the hobby and displayed a truly award winning vehicle. It is the vehicle I believed to have been the best and I am very happy that he won the big trophy. Several customers asked my opinion on his truck after the mixer ended. To sum it up… ORIGINALTY, now there were several original vehicles and ideas but none quite as great as the Yeti XL owned by Charles. He mastered the aesthetics, the finishing and originality that all of us RC hobbyists demand. Charles you deserve your big trophy however be warned, next year the competition will be more fierce thanks to your creation.

I want to extend a special thanks to all of you who helped make the day a success.

Thank you: Christina, Mom, Mark, Jenn and Luca, your help was much appreciated and you guys did a great job

Til next year

Chris Mifsud