Looking at the RR10 bomber makes me feel all giddy, like when I saw the Wraith for the first time

I love the new RR10 Bomber. It looks great, crawls great and is a class leading RC truck. From first glance the Bomber looks like a scaler, or maybe it’s a marketing ploy to get people to buy a new truck or maybe the Bomber is a Wraith version 2? Let’s not get bogged down by identifying what species the Bomber is. Let’s look at what the truck does. It crawls over pretty much anything, looks awesome and is easy to drive. The combo of wraith, yeti and Bomber specific parts have made this truck really easy to understand mechanically. I love the easy battery placement under the hood. The truck is very balanced making it predictable to wheel and the included accessories make it a well rounded package. However I do have a couple of gripes. The truck should be brushless and should have came with actual King shocks. Axial has my highest respect but is getting just a little off track on value and I feel lied to about the shock specifications albeit the oem shocks are still great. I know how small this industry is and I also know that sugar coating things means you out there reading this are getting a real opinion on the Bomber.

If you can’t decide between a Wraith and the RR10 you should probably buy both because both of these rigs are awesome and will impress anyone in the hobby.