sc10The SCX10 is one of the best rock crawlers of all time. With so many rock crawlers on the market including U4 trucks, scalers, unlimited class and custom low production vehicles the SCX10 is the most adopted by our customer for many reasons. The vast selection of SCX10 vehicles and parts is what makes them a class leader. Chris House stocks 8 different variations of the SCX10 both in kit form and Ready To Run {RTR} form. All of the variations have subtle differences that will appeal to different customers and their needs. Most variations are different licensed bodies on the truck, the come with axial designed bodies, jeep or dodge bodies. The kit versions are more tailored to the intermediate level user. I have built a few axial kits and I can say that it is a fun experience. The kits feature upgraded metal linkages, advanced shock absorbers and stronger differentials to name a few enhancements over the RTR versions. The manuals supplied for the kits are straight forward and easy to understand meaning that even a newer builder can complete a kit with excellent results. The RTR versions come completely built and only require a battery and charger to get you on the trail. A kit requires all of the electronics and some paint for the body. It is true that building a kit can be more expensive initially however because of the upgraded parts and aftermarket grade of electronics it can be very beneficial to start with a kit. Driving a SCX10 is very rewarding the locked 4×4 drive train is smooth and allows you to flow over pretty much anything in your path. Most of our team owns a SCX10 and only have good things to say about them. One key feature we love is that you can modify the truck in any way. We have over 200 different aftermarket parts in various colours and a huge selection of rims and tires. Chris’s House staff will help you find the parts you want to get the performance and styling you are looking for. We stock the entire collection of the SCX10s to make sure you get the version you want.