yetiWhen you hear the word Yeti it usually conjures up images of a long white haired beast like creature roaming around in the snow. Well that what I used to visualize. But that vision has changed. Now the images of a beast like 4×4 RC monster pounding through whatever terrain it faced with is what I think of.
The Axial Yeti is by far the most exciting vehicle Chris’s House has ever carried. With 4 variations of the popular model you can find the best one to suit your needs. The Yeti comes in 2 sizes, 1:10 scale and 1:8 scale {called the Yeti XL} and come both RTR and in kit form. The RTR versions come stock with brushless motor and speed control systems, 2.4ghz radios and silky smooth suspension and parts fit. The kit versions come with upgraded suspension, upgraded drive train, adjustable turnbuckles and aluminum linkages. Driving the Yeti is the absolute best part. Our staff agrees with this as they each have both version of each size and praise them constantly. The first time I drove a XL version it was awesome. Power everywhere and for the most part is was predictable and easy to use power. This made me really enjoy the Yeti platforms because of the amount of control the vehicles have. The 1:10 Yeti requires a single 2 or 3 cell battery whereas the Yeti XL requires double 2 or 3 cell batteries. Both vehicles require chargers to complete the purchase. We made sure to pre order our upgrade parts for these Yetis as soon as they came available meaning you will get your mod parts first at Chris’s House. Come on into Chris’s House to see a Yeti on our showcase so we can show you why the Yeti platform is an excellent match for any terrain and deklivers maximum fun