new bomber rr10 kit

Summer is around the corner and guess what that means. You are going to have to entertain your kids for a couple months. As much as that is both good and bad news for some parents out there, Chris’s House is here to help. With a huge selection of different cars, trucks, rock crawlers and boats we have exactly what your kids will need to keep them having fun and keep them playing outside. It is not uncommon to see you the parent pick up the remote and give it a go to see what your kids are having so much fun with.

Chris’s House loves RC Cars

We will take the time and explain why certain vehicles will be more beneficial to own based on your skill level, technical knowhow and where you want to use your new vehicle. Chris’s House loves educating new users on how and when to operate their new cars. Some of the great features you and your family will share with a new RC car from Chris’s House are….

  • Most cars are Easy and Fun to drive for the whole family
  • Learn together hands on experience to modify and adjust the cars many settings
  • GET OUTSIDE!!! Let’s put down the games and get some fresh air
  • Free to enjoy. There are many great areas in Hamilton to use your new RC car for absolutely no charge.
  • Tech support is always free at Chris’s House. If you are unsure of how to operate any aspect of your new car simply come on in and we will gladly help you

Chris’s House is more than just a shop for all things RC in Hamilton we are a business dedicated to education, knowledge and fun. Come on in and we will show you true service and how RC cars can be fun for the whole family.