Redcat Racing has teamed up with us to bring you 30 days of unbelievable deals. June is a great month to grab a fresh Redcat Racing rig and have some fun. Many vehicles featured are completely ready to run {battery and charger included}. These deals are valid in store and over the phone only. and are not limited to the days on the calendar….. Meaning we can arrange any of the deals listed below for the entire month of June. Simply visit our retail location at 421 Concession Street or Call 905 393 6987 and we will process your order over the phone with $20 flat rate shipping across Canada*. The deals are great and we have been having a ton of fun with the promotion.

We stock about 80% of the cars and truck below and we love helping our customers, We have a dozen or so of the models below on display so you can come in and squish the tries, ask us questions and get the accessories and extra goodies you need to have a great experience

  •  Gen8 V2 – Green and Purple
  • Volcano-16 – Red
  • Blackout SC PRO – Red
  • Landslide XTE
  • Wendigo 
  • LRH-285 Lowrider Chassis
  • Blackout XBE – Blue
  • Monte Carlo – Purple
  • Dukono
  • RidgeRock
  • Kaiju EXT – White and Copper
  • SixtyFour – Blue and green
  • Blackout XBE PRO – Red
  • Everest Gen7 Sport – Orange and Silver
  • RC-MT10E
  • TC8 Marksman
  • Volcano-16 – Blue
  • Blackout XTE – Silver and Red

Chris’s House 421 Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario Canada call 905-393-6987