Fall fun with your RC vehicle

Fall fun with your RC vehicle

Those of you who know me well, know that I love bicycles. There is something transcendent about them. Every pedal stroke and every hill reminds me of my youth and how free I am in this world.

I feel that way about RC cars. Now it is true that some of you have discovered RC cars later in life, but for most of you when you take your batteries off the charger, put on your hoodie and stroll out the door with your chosen rig, it reminds you of your childhood and adolescence. A time where bills to paid and getting to work on time were not even thought of.

For me, RC cars and bicycles are a time machine. I love putting an old favorite RC truck down on a leafy trail and pinning the throttle to see what carnage I can create. RC cars are amazing. They go so fast {or slow if you like rock crawling} have so many moving parts and look awesome whether static on your shelf or hitting a half pipe on 3s.

Fall time can be gloomy. I think being outside with your RCs makes the short days last a little longer and seem a little brighter. Playing with RC cars allows us as teens, adults, parents and grandparents to truly escape ourselves and realize that having fun and relaxing is just as important as all of the other things in life. It is also a great opportunity to share the fun with loved ones or that pesky kid down the street who just loves gawking at your collection of RC cars {this was me as a kid}.

This hobby is to be shared and enjoyed. Most of you out there understand this. I love being in the shop when a kid comes in and asks for our help to setup his servo or esc and tells me that his neighbour gave him the car for free. We always whole heartedly help these kids out because they are the future of the hobby and because they are good kids. Now I am not suggesting giving away your procured collection of RCs, but good on you if you can.

Now I know this fall paper of what’s happening has turned into a “Full House” episode. This is what we feel at Chris’s House deep in our hearts and it’s about time we start sharing with all of you how to make this hobby even better for years and decades to come. As much as we will continue to show you new products, exciting mods and one-off customs it is important to get out there and have some fun, remember what it is like to be a kid all over again and share the experience with others.

Til next time