Merry Christmas from Chris' House

December can be a hectic month. I know here at the shop it is an endless task to order vehicles and parts, put everything away, stay organized and make sure all of you get the gifts you need for yourselves and others. We nearly quadruple our shipments, double our pick-ups and work nonstop to make all the magic happen. Now if you ask “What is the magic?” I have an example. Kids who are so excited to get their new RC car they start to physically shake and buzz with their excitement. That’s fun!, that’s magic. I love this shop and enjoy knowing that our products bring joy to kids, adults and families.


We recently hosted a raffle draw for a new Tamiya Porsche kit. Everyone who entered was very eager to potentially win the car. Well almost everyone, there is one man, let’s say his name is Mr.G who looked down at me and said “If you pull my name out of the ballot box, just keep the car and give it some young kid who would really appreciate and want it for Christmas” . Altruism has been a newer word in my vocabulary and actions in that past couple of years. I would say Mr. G is the defining character of altruism. It is wonderful to see people in our community that understand giving and thanks. The best part about Mr.G is that this is his attitude all year round, not just at Christmas .porsche winner

So this is where I leave you. Maybe over Christmas in addition to a new kit or some fancy new parts we all take the time to share this hobby and our goodwill with those who need it

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Chris’s House