February is always a busy month at the shop. It’s the time where everyone is building their kits and upgrading their rigs. The amount of batteries, chargers, accessories and parts we go through is nuts. I find February is a great month to reflect on the previous year and to plan for the new current year. 2015 was an interesting year, but let’s take a look at some of the highs and lows of the previous year

Some highs were:

– Strong parts selection

– Improved product quality

– Fewer warranty claims

– Crazy busy summer

Some lows were:

– Road construction with no street access in the summer

– Tumbling Loonie

– Supplier let downs

I always find it necessary to highlight both the positives and negatives of the year. The balance of good and bad will always let us see things for what they are. We added nearly 1200 items to the shop this year, that’s fantastic. As far as the vehicles and parts go the quality was up on most vehicles especially Axial and Redcat who have greatly improved product quality which leads to fewer warranty claims. Now for those of you who did not know we had no street traffic for nearly 4 months… let me tell you it was great!!! I prepared for the worst case scenario that could have happened. But as it turns out we realized that our customers still made it a priority to travel great lengths to come and support us. It was hard to stay positive with no driveway or road access but we pulled through and ahead. Would you believe it if I said we had a better summer last year than in all previous years? Now let’s look at some of the lows for 2015. The Loonie combined with interesting {negative} supplier attitudes made last year an odd challenge. I believe in treating others as you would like to be treated. It is a shame that some of our core suppliers let us down however we found some new small businesses that we really like dealing with and have enjoyed sharing our support with them. I remember a time in the early 2000’s when all I did was deal with smaller companies and I always felt better doing so. Now I am not going to get all gushy on you guys and say stuff like “you should only support small or local businesses” but I always feel like shouting it out because I believe small specialty shops and suppliers can go the extra mile to really serve the community better. Overall I reached many personal goals and had a great year at the shop. Chris S has also improved his skills in all aspects of the shop, from repairs and phone skills all the way to reorganization and stock knowledge. Chris S has impressed all of us with his ever improving knowledge of cars, trucks and what our customers need. It takes a lot to train someone to understand the quirks of a small business and how to truly look after people {not just sell stuff} Chris S is now hardwired to help you out and together Chris S, Charlie and myself we are all here to help you with all of your RC needs.