NEW KOMODOGmade makes some pretty cool vehicles. I remember my first chassis from them about 12 years ago I purchased a R1 Light weight clod conversion chassis. That was a truck. Big Tuff and most importantly FUN. Over the years Gmade has transitioned into making more mainstream products that really do shine.

When the Sawback first came out a couple of years ago, I was really amped. We sold tons of them and kit satisfaction was good. Now I use the word good and not great because there were a couple of oversights and a few things our customers didn’t like. Now to be fair there is no such thing as a 100% kick butt kit. However I believe the Sawback was closer to reaching that milestone than other manufactures.

When I first heard that a new GS01 platform {the platform the Sawback uses} was going to be released this fall I got excited and I knew it would be a hit. The New Komodo is a great addition to the popular Gmade lineup. The Komodo uses the same chassis and axles as the Sawback but features a 4 link suspension system, revised tires and hotter looking body. The komodo even comes with a parts tree full of extra little accessories to personalize your new kit.

Axial kits fly off the shelves here at Chris’s House. We love Axial.. always have but more of you should consider a Gmade kit before hastily purchasing any sort of rock crawler. Gmade fits in between all the better marketed trucks out there. I have a lot of first timers and experienced builders ask why would I choose a Gmade kit. The answer, because they rock!!! They are solid trucks, have good detail, they look and drive great… Now this is all subjective. Keeping in mind Chris’s House only stocks stuff we like. Ask a Gmade owner why they like their truck. You will get that same answer usually along the lines of “I just love this truck, it’s awesome” The challenge is ask someone who has a Gmade, an Axial, a Redcat and a Vaterra which one they like best and it gets a little more complicated. That goes to show me that there are so many great trucks out there with so many great features. We will always be willing to pop open a kit for you to take a look at before you decide and next time you are interested in a crawler ask us to show you a Gmade kit and you can see the difference for yourself