How to choose an RC car

I love this question of “How do I choose which RC car/ truck to buy?”  It’s a question that makes customers feel like a noob or in layman’s terms, inexperienced. That’s really the toughest part of their question. Chris’s House LOVES these questions because we get to ask you questions, find out a bit about you and allows us to fully help you. On the other hand some people choose to do their own research, come into the shop and make a purchase in-store or online. I have comprised a short list of different helpful strategies to help you along your way

1} Online Research

2} In Store

3} Goofy fun

1} Online research:

The research part is tricky, but then again so are most things in life. YouTube and Google have great resources for car reviews, unboxing videos and tests. They will provide you with some good basic info to help make your decision. The other advantage with watching videos is that you can receive more in depth views into a specific vehicle you are interested in before your purchase. For example let’s say you are interested in a Kyosho Supra drift car, you like the car and as you watch more and more video you can see under the hood of the car and how its built and how it drives on different surfaces. This is something very hard to do at most hobby shops. Online research does have some pitfalls the biggest culprit being reviews. I wish I could paint a rosy picture around car model reviews however I am yet to see a truly credible source providing reviews {and this also applies to youtube} That being said a hobby shop staff member could tell you new Model XYZ car is the best in the world and there a 4 of them in the back room waiting for warranty parts.

2} In Store

Let the shop help you. I run a hobby shop here in Hamilton, Ontario and I love it when new hobbyists come in and let us truly help them and actually let them help themselves.  Ten minutes in the shop roaming around looking at the cars on display is a great time. Sure there is a lot to pick from but that’s the best part, my greatest memories as kid and still to this day is being in hobby shops and being caught in the ambience of fun. When it’s time for some help, we will ask you questions and show you some models that you would enjoy. We ask questions like

Who is the car for?  A kid under 10, maybe papa bear wants a new car, how about the whole family.

Where are you going to use the car?  Off-road, on-road, jumping off cliffs

When do you see yourself using the car?  Maybe every day, weekends, at night {led lights come on some models}

How much experience do you have? This helps us make power recommendations

The goal with the above questions is to help you select a car that will bring you years of joy and fun. We want you to love your new car, tell your friends and make recommendations to others… This is the whole reason our shop exists. To make you happy with your new model and serve our community

3} Goofy fun

When faced with a challenge of what car to pick, let’s say you have it narrowed down to three monster trucks, we love to ask. “What truck do you think you will have the most fun with?” a majority of the time the soon to be hobbyist gravitates quickly to the one he or she feels a connection with.  It sounds goofy but goofy serves this hobby well and a decision based on passion and future use is a great way to pick a car. This especially is important for kids.

Overall we are all spoiled with the amount of wonderful cars and trucks available on the market these days. I love coming into to my shop and looking around at the hundreds of cars and being amazed. My guys will tell you I do this and I do it with a child like wonder. This hobby is so incredibly fun and I hope the advice written here will help you find your new car and a new hobby. Please feel free to ask us anything about Radio controlled model cars & trucks. Chris’s House is happy to help you

Chris M