Kyosho has been around for a long time and if it’s one thing they are known for it is their 2wd buggy platforms. 2wd to most bashers means unsophisticated and poor traction. This is simply not the case with the AXXE buggy. 2wd vehicles have a lot to offer especially for the weekend warrior and intermediate hobbyist. 2wd means less parts count, more simplistic drive train, lower cost of ownership and more run time.
And let’s not forget about the best part of owning an AXXE… DONUTS!
Just rip the throttle and crank the wheel the AXXE is one fun machine.
The AXXE comes complete with a 2.4ghz long range radio, a Vortex waterproof esc with lipo cut-off and even comes with a battery and charger. The AXXE is a hobby grade buggy, all parts are available and in stock so you can bash your new buggy worry free. The AXXE comes in several type and styles however we are going to stick with the completely Ready To Run format to offer the best value and most complete package. Stay tuned for lots more new Kyosho news