Kyosho has received a lot of attention from me these past few months and they sure hit a home run with their new Mad Force. I am a long time Tamiya Clodbuster fan and have basically given up the search for a suitable 21st century replacement until I saw the Mad Force. This platform has been around for awhile and has been greatly improved upon in the last 10 years. The truck is big and mean with the beefiest looking axles I have ever seen. The pumpkins are quite small too which means there is less to get caught up on in rough terrain. The factory electronics are pretty stellar too. The truck comes with a very fast metal geared steering servo, 4s capable esc and overbuilt motor. With 4s power {14.8v} the truck moves pretty good. I really like the included 2.4 ghz radio. It has an offset steering wheel which is super comfortable and has great mid level features that are easy to use. There are a lot of neat small features the truck has that make it a really unique machine. For starter’s the transmission to motor output coupling is done through an exposed chain drive system… That’s Awesome!!! The battery compartments have a cool telescoping feature to allow larger batteries to fit in easily and they are hinged so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Ball bearings are installed throughout the truck to make the beast roll efficiently. The Mad Force comes with aluminum front and rear knuckles {a huge plus} and has some of the silkiest smooth shocks I have ever seen.

Now let’s pick on some negatives.

I like all of the different physical elements the truck has however the steering assembly is the most over complicated contraption I have ever seen but it does work well. Battery life can be low at around 10-20 minutes depending on battery capacity due to the size of the truck but again this is typical for vehicles this size. The Mad Force is built super tough and doesn’t need much to enhance the machine, that being said any mods will be most likely home brewed vs over the counter.

Overall this truck is killer. If you are in the market for a 1/8 truck or considering a new platform for a solid axle monster truck stop in and look at the Mad Force before you make a final decision.