Now available for pre-order!

Now available for pre-order!


Chris’s House gets in all the newest gear from Traxxas, Redcat Racing, RC4WD, Tamiya, Pro-Line, Dromida, and many other manufactures. We pre-order new kits and parts months in advance to make sure we have what you need when it comes into our shop. We love getting new vehicles first, and most times our customers get their new products ahead of anyone else however with such a high demand for the latest vehicles we find ourselves unable to fulfill all of the orders we receive.


It has been awhile since we have offered a pre-order special on a vehicle and we feel now more than ever that we can offer some sweet deals to our customers who reserve new vehicles. This also allows us to better fill everyone’s needs and make sure there are enough kits to go around. There are a few great new trucks coming this month and we have some super duper specials to offer those of you who want to take advantage.

Redcat Racing TRMT10E

From now until August 20th if you pre-order an Axial SCX10 2 in kit or RTR version, Redcat Racing TRMT10E or Axial SMT10 GRAVE DIGGER you will receive a free 2 cell Lipo battery and charger. That’s Right… Free battery and charger! To take advantage of the special you must call or visit us at the shop so we can get you helped out.

Axial SCX10 2

So there you go. Some cool new deals for you guys and gals out there and just a little way for us to say “thank you” for you continued support