It’s October. A time of year when the leaves start to change colour, the air gets a little cooler and the days get shorter. But that also means things start to heat up @ Chris’s House. With summer behind us and winter ahead, things shift gears and the itch starts to happen… and no we are not talking about dandruff and dry scalps we are talking about the itch to build model RC cars.

This year I have seen a big transition to kit building vs RTR models. I like this. Kit building gives you an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of your car, allows you to custom paint the body and setup the vehicle the way you like. This hobby has been a price point based hobby for a long time and like most hobbies, sports and leisure activities, once you sort through all the mainstream stuff you can find true value in creating something you really want. let’s not forget radio control to me is a fantasy hobby, a hobby where you can build whatever you want. Kits allow you to build with a blank canvas, want to setup the shocks up with a droop setup? go ahead try it out, how about painting the body chrome, sure go ahead. Maybe you want to swap out the wheels for a larger set, okay bring your model in and let us help you pick something out. Of course you can do this with a RTR model but the feeling is different. We have added over 50 kits this year to our showroom with pricing starting at $130 for a mix of different buggies, cars and trucks after you factor in a basic 2.4ghz radio, battery, charger, paint and servo you can expect to add around $150 to the kit price; so you can basically be out the door at around $300 with everything you need.

Now this is where Chris’s House really adds value, we will answer your questions, we will help you troubleshoot potential issues and we will provide in house warranty for any electronic failures. Now I know this should go unstated however many retailers {not just in this hobby} do not provide these services or are reluctant to provide them. We at Chris’s House SERVICE WHAT WE SELL!
Kyosho and Chris’s House have teamed up to bring you some great new exciting cars and buggies. We have the new Fazer line of 4wd touring cars coming in, the AXXE and NeXXt 2wd buggies and mini Kyosho tanks. We already carry a full line of Kyosho vintage kits so now we are working on bringing more in from the big “K”.

Tamiya has had a great year of new and re release models hit our shelves. The Monster Beetle has been an instant hit. We brought in the Sand Viper and Petronas Lexus ISF this month. We are also ordering Tamiya products from a couple of new suppliers that will allow us greater product selection and faster service. We will be bringing in close to a dozen new Tamiya models by the Christmas
Axial just released some great videos and pics of their upcoming SCORE trophy Truck that will be available late fall. This thing looks great and some people have shown great interest… I say some people because many people do not have interest in Short Course anymore and for good reason. But I ask them when have you seen a production solid axle short course truck? Let’s face is short course is stale for many reasons however a resurgence is what is going to happen. Axial is taking a risk producing this truck and I believe it will be a success. Now it is true that this is a YETI in disguise however Axial makes vehicles that generally fly off the shelf with great attributes and excellent build quality so this truck will be something to keep your eye on.
Redcat Racing is up to some pretty cool tricks these days. I have started to see everyone’s 2015/2016 early product announcements and Redcat is doing a kick butt job for the RTR and basher crowd. They have a new 1:8 monster truggy coming out called the TRMT8E {have fun pronouncing that lol} that looks like a hoot! This thing is going to be huge and have lots of dirty power. The Terremoto 10 and 8 are both amazing models and are on display for you to poke at as well so stay tuned for in depth reviews and more details as they come

Changes in the store. As some of you know we have removed most of the clear and some pre-painted RC bodies from the showroom. I spent a lot of time designing new catalogue pages so we can keep the bodies in our stock room and allow room for new models and parts coming in. That being said when you want a body we will offer you a huge catalogue full of bodies, then one of us will go to our stockroom and grab you the matching body. We carry over 600 bodies in stock from brands like HPI, Team Associated, Vaterra, Parma, Pro Line and many others. Til next month everyone have fun bashing and building