RC CarNovember is a fun month at the shop. Lots of new stuff starts rolling in for the Holiday season and the Christmas decorations start to go up. Being in this hobby for over 20 years has shown me many sides of what RC is and has the potential to become. Being a consumer has shown me many other things about how we buy, sell and trade goods. I love running the store. Ask any of our customers and they will tell you that. I like when our customers share stories about some great trade they made, or how excited people get when they bring in their newly acquired used vehicles. It’s fun. I am beginning to understand more and more what Chris’s House is… it’s a community and social spot to come share in your RC adventures. I love how Chris’s House has grown up over the years. That being said to all of you newbies out there looking for advice on cars and trucks, stop in to the shop and see what we can help you out with. Maybe you have a used vehicle you need some service or parts for, or perhaps a vehicle you just dug out of the closet you haven’t used in a few years. Chances are we have what you need in stock and can give you friendly advice on how to get into the hobby or how to reignite the hobby for yourself.

We have always been a straight forward shop, meaning we like to give you options and alternatives. If you have a 10 year old nitro car and want a new engine, transmission and exhaust for it, we will gladly help you out. However we will also show you alternatives before you spend your hard earned cash so you can make an educated choice. For example if you need $250 in parts to fix your old ride and there is a car on the shelf you like for $300 it might make sense to pony up the extra fifty dollars and go for the more sustainable choice. There are many more reasons to choose newer equipment over old but there is a fun nostalgic feeling about fixing up that old USA-1 or RC10 and bringing them back to life.

Chris Mifsud