The Redcat Blackout XTE is a bestseller at Chris’s House

It is very rare to see a new rc truck command as much attention as the blackout has done. Most vehicles take months to become popular and the blackout only took days. The Blackout is what Chris’s House is all about. It has low cost of ownership, a bountiful selection of parts, is backed by an industry leading warranty and is super fun to drive. Redcat Racing has really paid attention to its customer need and wants with this new RC truck. They delivered a truck with awesome features that outshine it’s competition.

The Blackout comes in 2 versions with several body styles available. The brushed version includes a 3200mah battery a 2.4 ghz radio and pulls an impressive 40km/h stock speed. The brushless version features a brushless motor and speed control and a lithium battery for maximum out of the box performance. The speed of the brushless version is over 60km/h. The main design features that put the Blackout in the lead is the symmetrical front and rear end of the truck. What that means is that all 4 corners of the truck including the differential are the same front to back and left to right. The advantage is less spare parts to keep in your tool box, and less wrenching time due to the ease of construction.

The blackout is a blast to drive especially the brushless version, the power is instant and the controls are exact. Having a high speed vehicle is fun but having one with great handling is a bonus. Durability is a solid 10/10 now that does not mean indestructible but it’s pretty darn close. Redcat specified softer more forgiving plastics to minimize breakage and we can say it has the lowest cost of ownership in its class by a large margin. Come on into Chris’s House to see the Blackout in our showcase