calderaThe Redcat Caldera is Chris’s House Favourite RC Vehicle of all time. It is my personal favourite and should be at the top of your list when considering a 1:10 RC truck. I know that is a bold statement, I also know that the other 250 vehicles we stock here at Chris’s House are jealous and envious of the Caldera. Here is why we love it and why it ranks #1.
Back in the year 2011 I purchased a small fleet of Caldera trucks. They were good, not great but good. The brushless systems were fairly reliable and the performance was good, the durability was leaving a little to be desired but it was a good first attempt at producing a reliable vehicle at half the cost of its competition. Catching up to 2015 the caldera has received many improvements and many upgrades over the years. Today they feature waterproof electronics, stronger servos, hardened differentials, higher power batteries and have had many parts strengthened or redesigned to improve durability. This is where I become a little sentimental about the Caldera. It’s really the only vehicle we have carried that has received its proper attention and been allowed to mature. What I mean is that I love that Redcat improved on the platform without scrapping it and trying to come up with something else. They listened to their customers and made a kick ass truck. The beauty is that you can race it , bash it, mod it cheaply and still have a reliable vehicle with a low cost of ownership. Our famous 90 day in house warranty applies to the Caldera. We have all of the replacement and upgrade parts you need but above all the Caldera is fun vehicle that is a blast to drive…. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Fun
The caldera comes completely Ready To Run and is stocked in 3 different styles: short course, monster truck and buggy. Come on into Chris’s House and we will gladly show you why the Caldera is our favourite RC vehicle