The Redcat Everest 10 is a value packed high performance rock crawler. Redcat Racing has been well known to produce capable value added ready to run vehicles over the past decade. The Everest 10 is a shining example of how Redcat listens to their customers and delivers.

Axle articulation is close to 95 degrees meaning this single motor transmission driven truck can float through the toughest rock gardens out there. The Everest comes stock with a 15kg servo with metal gears to give you excellent durability as well as a 2.4ghz long range radio and 40 turn motor that is well suited to rock crawling at low and medium speeds. Aluminum links are found everywhere on this truck including all upper and lower 4 link bars, steering assembly and rear lockout bars.

The 2.2 beadlock rims are 42mm wide and feature a classic 8 hole high offset pattern. The tires are on the harder side of rubber but have a clever tread pattern and are slightly bigger than other ready to run offerings. The tires measure 50mm in width and 120mm in height mounted. M3 hardware is everywhere on the Everest 10 meaning you can easily find replacement screws and nuts.

Body styling is good for a readymade body, it is offered in 2 colours red and blue. Shocks have multi positioning options and are oil filled for proper damping. The Everest 10 has awesome hidden values featuring full ball bearing construction to optimize battery life and reduce drag while in motion, an aluminum servo mount allow the metal gear servo to turn the wheels with reduced effort and the parallel body mounts allow a much wider selection of bodies to be fitted onto the Everest 10.

The direct comparable ready to run truck would be the Axial AX10 Deadbolt. The Deadbolt does have a more attractive body, more programmable electronic speed controller and better packaging, but the Redcat simply wins by offering more of what customers want at half the price.

Come by the shop and see the difference today.

Chris’s House stocks a full line of rock crawlers from Axial, Redcat Racing, Gmade, Tamiya and Vaterra