Redcat racing is a favourite at Chris’s House. We have carried the brand since our doors opened in 2009. The Terremoto 10 is a wonderfully conceived truck. Huge ground clearance, AMAZING handling {for a monster truck} and stupid power are the top 3 features. I have wanted a terremoto styled truck for years and we haven’t seen it at a reasonable price. I am not going to pick on other brands but I would Pepsi challenge any other truck to the Terremoto and I know the Redcat would win in all aspects. I almost have goose bumps writing this however it`s rare to have a new vehicle that checks off so many boxes for so little cash.

So let’s get down to brass tacks here. 4wd, 17mm wheel hexes, 2.4ghz reliable radio system, 3200mah 2s lipo, symmetrical chassis design { parts can be used left-right and front-back} over 50km/h stock speed, metal drive train with sealed transmission and under $400. So this is why you can see I get excited about Redcat Racing. They simply are doing way more for less. Now let’s talk negatives. The 3200mah lipo battery is a lipo and does have good power but I would like to see a truck like this come with a 4000 mah battery or above for more run time and more power. The wheel hexes are 17mm {think 1/8 buggy size} which are massive and nearly indestructible however wheel selection can be a little bit more scarce considering this is a 1:10 truck… meaning a traditional 17mm truck wheel is engineered for 1:8 trucks so that means you will have to keep the sizing and weight very conservative to attain more durability. After we get past these pair of small gripes we are left with a truly kick-butt truck that really is what we all want in the hobby… Cheap and FUN!!!

The Terremoto 10 comes in 2 body choices with 2 colours available for each. We include 8 AA batteries and don’t forget or Famous Chris’s House PDI and 90 day in house warranty