Lots of great new things are happening at Chris’s House.

The year has been off to a relatively slow start for new products but is going to be action packed in the coming few months.

Axial has announced 2 new additions to their product line including the new SCX10 2 and finally a RR10 Bomber kit. Tamiya has a few new kits coming and last but not least Redcat has a slew of brand new vehicles coming that are going to kick major butt. New products are always fun to come and look at but it means we have to work our tail off to make room for more parts and more accessories. With new stuff on the way it means it’s time to do some house cleaning which is my way of saying keep your eyes open for some deep discounted deals on products that have been hanging around for a little too long.

Even more new exciting news at Chris’s House

We have a new helper here at Chris’s House! Tony brings over 10 years of hobby experience to the table with over 100 completed RC builds and countless hours of customizing his rigs. Tony is fun loving easy going kind of guy who will take the time with you to answer your questions, help you get what you need and be a source of inspiration for you next build.

Make sure to stop in and welcome Tony to our community and let him help you with your projects and RC shenanigans