Axial racing has been making kick-butt RC trucks for over 15 years. They have had many stars and a few lemons along the way. The SCX24 line is something we would call a Superstar. We have helped many people find the perfect SCX24. Now offered in 3 different body styles and 8 overall color combinations, Axial gives the hobbyist a great truck selection. The Deadbolt is a classic body style that comes in both red and green, The Chevy C10 comes in a robin’s egg green/blue or grey metallic, The 4 door Jeep Wrangler is available in both yellow and snow white. Last but not least the Newest edition of the SCX24 comes in Tan and bright blue. How’s that for selection?

Who is the SCX24 For?

This is the best question. EVERYBODY!!!. That’s right, I used three exclamation points. My son who just turned three years old came into the shop on his birthday and picked the grey Chevy C-10 scx24 man oh man does he love it. But I will tell you this I love it more than he does for a few reasons. Durability, speed, and price. As a dad and fellow hobbyist I truly admire anything, my kids use that will last more than a month {or a day} and can take merciless beatings. The little Chevy has driven off our couch, smashed into lego, and occasionally thrown across the room in a slight temper tantrum. This truck is tuff as nails and scores a solid ten on our durability scales 

The SPEED of the scx24 is customizable and is a great tool to help younger users build confidence. The remote supplied with the truck has a throttle speed switch that can be switched from high to medium to low. That is awesome because at low speed the truck is just powerful enough to climb over obstacles but not too fast to allow the truck to overdrive itself and break gears and burn out electronics. It might seem ironic to have a speed limit switch on a vehicle that only drives at 2km/h but it just shows that Axial did their homework and wanted to give hobbyists some nice little features that they didn’t even know they wanted. Very Radical 

PRICE is key with most vehicles and if the price is right then you are going to buy {and we will too} I have seen many vehicles come and go over the years and not many have had anywhere near the success of the SCX24. For fewer than two hundred dollars you can get yourself a full-blown mini rock crawler with everything you need. Now, this has been tried before but Axial figured it out. The best part is that there are hundreds of upgrades available from bead lock wheels to rock buggy conversion kits and the extra best part is that Chris’s House has them all in stock :] 

Where Can I use my new SCX24 

Any and everywhere is the short answer. The SCX24 has gained immense popularity for indoor courses usually consisting of books, pillows, keyboards, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Outdoors is also a fun place to use the trucks however we recommend staying away from deep water for obvious reasons. The Trucks are built for fun and can tackle almost any terrain. 

Why should I buy an SCX24 

One word is “FUN” these trucks can go pretty much anywhere, they are easy to modify and work on. They have great aftermarket support. They are inexpensive to buy, they come in sick colours… it’s a no brainer 

The big question is why shouldn’t you buy an SCX24?