selection OF RC CARS

Chris’s House selection is EXCELLENT

Are you the kind of RC enthusiast who likes to get their hands on new cars, trucks and planes first? If so, then our shop should be your destination location for RC vehicles. When new product announcements hit our email inbox we pay attention and make sure we backorder and pre-order new vehicles and parts right away to ensure our customers get the latest and greatest first.
With over 300 different cars, trucks and planes to pick from shopping at Chris’s House can be a little confusing. Our staff is trained to understand your needs to make the right purchase the first time. With so many models and so many variations it is hard to understand what to start with and why.

We look at 4 key principles when we bring in new vehicles:

  1. The vehicle must have a good supply of parts readily available
  2. The parts must be low cost compared to the price of the vehicle and to it’s competitors
  3. The vehicle must come with excellent warranty service
  4. The vehicle must have good driveability

Now as much as some of the parameters are open to interpretation they are all contributing principals we apply to a vehicle before it is brought into the shop. If a $150 car has great parts support but each parts is on average $20, or would cost an average of $30 to repair per breakage, that vehicle would not suit our core principals of vehicle selection.

What I am trying to say is that we love vehicles with low cost of ownership and have great service. This is why we have the BEST selection of RC cars and parts in the city of Hamilton!