rc car serviceChris’s House Service is Excellent

We pay attention to the needs of our customers. From mechanical services such as soldering and general repairs to providing proper advice for vehicle modification we listen and provide excellent solutions.

Services such as soldering, parts installation and nitro tune ups are performed by knowledgeable experts that know what they are doing. We Care. That’s the difference at Chris’s House. We have dedicated workstations and service areas to make sure the work is done properly and we pride ourselves on repairing both diagnosed and undiagnosed problems before they become an issue. We use torque limiting tools to prevent parts from stripping, and fresh adhesives to make sure repairs are strong. We only use specialty solders and high grade polyolefin tubing to make connections with minimal resistance and excellent protection from the elements. It only takes 1 or 2 improperly tightened to end your day of RC fun prematurely. Chris’s House performs careful and observant work so you can leave knowing your vehicle has been fixed properly.

Chris’s House has the parts you need. We stock over ten thousand parts and order all major brands of RC products. We order on a daily basis with most suppliers to ensure you get your parts fast. We have a large selection of donor vehicles that we are always willing to remove parts from to get you on your way right away. Chris’s House staff is also known to remove parts from new models and kits to help its customers. Don’t know a part number? Come on into our shop and use our computer to find what part you need and we will get it for you.

In short, Chris’s House has the best service for RC cars in the city of Hamilton and beyond!