Chris’s House 90 day in house warranty and PDIs

The Chris’s House 90 day in house warranty is a great service complimentary to all RTR surface vehicles. In 2009 when Chris’s House began its humble roots I understood that it takes more than having stock on the shelf {literally 1 shelf} and good price points. I wanted to run a shop with accountability and responsibility. I worked with my suppliers to provide a service to back up almost every RTR and electronic component with an indispensable 90 day in house warranty. IN HOUSE is the key, not here’s a 90 day warranty and good luck with that… We have a written warranty agreement we give to all of customers outlying how and what we do in case you experience a defective component. It saves you the cost and time of shipping the part or vehicle to the manufacture and allows us to work for you and get you back to having fun. We don’t even charge labour to remove or reinstall the parts in question.
PDIs …. Now this is the real magic of Chris’s House. Pre Delivery Inspection. When time permits and whenever possible we offer our very own level of complimentary service. We will include batteries for the radio/transmitter, charge the vehicles batteries, install supplied OEM upgrades and test the vehicle thoroughly to ensure it is working 100%. The best part, It’s FREE! By performing this service we eliminate all issue that a vehicle might have due to shipping or manufacturing error and make sure it’s going into your hands ready to rock and roll. We will take the time to explain proper charging techniques and address and questions you might have.

We want to keep you coming back to Chris’s House for years to come. We insure this by listening to you and providing the best warranty service in Hamilton possible.