Hobbyists are a great bunch people.

We all look to each other for advice, for suggestions and to seek inspiration for both new and old projects. We love dusting off an old vintage car, upgrading some parts, charging some batteries and ripping the car down the street. I think the most fun part of the hobby is the goofy looks you get when you drive your little RC car the way you want to drive your actual car. Comment usually range from “Hey, where did you get that?” or better yet, when I am playing with my kids an onlooker would ask “Who’s toys is that?” implying radio control cars are for kids… as if!

Bashing has become a new pastime. Basically you take whatever vehicle you have, smash the biggest baddest batteries in it and pull the trigger til you get blisters… so fun and so great. BUT can your rig take it? There are many Heavy Duty car and trucks on the market that are fantastic but are any as good as the Traxxas Sledge?

We have seen hundreds of cars come and go over the years and a new king is always on the horizon. As batteries and electronics become more powerful, stronger burlier vehicles are needed. I really enjoy the mechanics of the new Sledge. The sealed up flexible CV boot covers, built in shock guards and aluminum chassis is the good stuff. Those few features are the sprinkles on top of the cake

The guts of the truck are where the real fun begins. The diffs are big and hard…. The Traxxas Sledge was designed from a clean slate. The only carry over parts are some hardware and miscellaneous bits. This is great news. It means traxxas designed the truck they wanted. They looked at what they currently had {the Revo 2.0, maxx , x maxx etc} and said okay we need a 6s truck that will decimate all. The bearings are oversized to handle higher loads, the chassis is formed for strength and that T bar running up and down the new truck is just so cool.

Battery hold downs are an improvement over Revo styled chassis battery compartments and make swapping batteries a breeze. Click two tabs to close the heavy duty battery gate and you’re ready to rock. Electronics are typical traxxas which means whatever you want it to be. My question is where is the fan over the motor? the holes are there for it… come on Traxxas you can do better than that.

The Sledge body mounting system is boss, click two tabs in the rear inner wheel wells and slide the body off. The tires are suprisingly on the soft side and are NOT belted. However they are sized perfectly and the foams feel good for the truck. Another slight miss is the lack of LED lighting which for a model of this price we all feel should be mandatory.


We like that Traxxas plays the slow and steady wins the race card most of the time. The TRX4 rock crawlers were like 6 years behind the curve as well as the Slash Drag car was almost 2 years behind their competition. Fast-forward after the trx4 and Drag Slash came out and they usually capture the #1 spot in their respective categories. As we all itch to get outside for the spring time, The Traxxas Sledge is being launched in perfect sequence in an already busy new release year. We have the Sledge in stock in all colours both online and in store as of the time you are reading this. Thank you Traxxas for making some of the coolest RC cars and trucks out there. We can’t wait to get out and rip these new bashers

see you all soon