Venom Produo RC Car Charger

Venom Produo RC Car Charger

All of you out there in internet land who follow us on YouTube might have saw my late February video where I yammered on about a fantastic new dual battery charger. Chargers seldom blow my socks off. We are all used to seeing the same charger rebadged and dumped onto the unsuspecting new buyer without question. I don’t buy into a lot of new charger and battery products for a many reasons. The PRODUO has dispelled any real notions of distaste for dual chargers.

First thing first the PRODUO is cool looking and not too bulky. I love the metallic grey upright form factor, It just screams “cool”. The charger comes with heavy gauge CCA wire that is a big plus and it comes with a pair of 12″ extension balance boards. Now here is the big one that most companies are asleep at the wheel on…. POWER, this thing rocks out 80 watts x 2 with 7 amp output. The PRODUO is an AC/DC charger meaning it can be plugged into a standard household outlet or connected to any 12V source {car battery, 12v power supply, etc}. Most other chargers dumb down their amperage when multiple batteries are charging. The PRODUO maintains solid output from beginning to end charging all batteries. The interface is comprised of 5 hard plastic buttons that control sourcing, channel select, start/stop and increase/decrease to attenuate your output.

Another great feature is the twin fans the charger has to keep things super cool . There is one small thing I wish the charger featured and that is a USB or better yet dual USB output to charge up phones or mini batteries for quads and micro vehicles. Overall the charger hits the nail on the head. Dual battery output, built in power supply, cool looking form factor and most importantly fade free power.

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As a side note: We at Chris’s House know that using new batteries, chargers and radio systems can be intimidating. We always pride ourselves on explaining our products so that you can confidently use your new device for years to come.