What's new at Chris' House

What’s new at Chris’ House

This summer has been very interesting. With road construction being done since early April, it has been the topic of many discussions for both customers and fellow businesses along the street. I knew the level of work being done to my road would be extensive and I made sure to prepare for it properly. Maybe it’s my positive attitude or perhaps my luck but this year has been the best year for Chris’s House. Experiences like this in business and life are real tests to see what customers, business owners and all of those affected are capable of perseverance and dedication. I have seen many of you nearly trip and fall over construction equipment as you forge your path in the shop. Or how about all of those who parked 3 blocks away. I wish to express my gratitude to all who supported us through the summer construction season. Thank You.

Would you believe that this is our 6th year in business. It seems like only yesterday this little hobby shop got started. I have to admit that I do not play with rc cars as frequently as I should. I enjoy them as I have in the past however I make little time to play so I can focus on running the shop. Those who know me well know that I am no nonsense kind of guy when it comes down to making the business work. There are so many components to the daily workings of any specialty retail shop. Product has to be great, store needs to be clean, marketing needs to be done effectively and taking care of customers is priority.

The other key ingredient is staff and attitude of staff. One year ago I hired a wonderful young man you all know as “Little Chris” this is of course an age reference appropriate name as he is about 6 inches taller than me and approximately half my age. I like to think that the time I should be playing with cars is the time I am investing in Little Chris. This year has been very rewarding as little Chris has absorbed many of the key skills required to run a business and is constantly looking for new ways to improve Chris’s House. Over the last year I have seen many of you {our customers} warm up to Little Chris and show him that his opinions and help is appreciated. This shows the character of Chris’s House customers and we appreciate it.

New products are coming in every week. The highlights this summer are the Beast 6×6 by RC4wd, The brushless Dromida vehicles and our array of 5th scale vehicles from Redcat Racing. The RC4WD beast is a pretty kick butt 6×6 truck that has been very thoroughly detailed and crafted. RC4WD has improved their kit quality very much in the past couple of years and I proud to stock their products. I have not had any wrench time or drive time on this new kit however our customer feedback is great.

Brushless Dromida vehicles are a great addition to the lineup and have been selling well. There is a lot of competition in the $199-$249 range and it can be hard to navigate through the choices. My choice for a mini vehicle that is serviceable, durable and fast are these Dromidas. They have simple straight forward layouts, come completely ready to run and are a blast to drive. 5th scale has been weird this year. With demand for premium 5th scale being down Redcat Racing is kicking arse. We now stock the Rampage XT, XB and XR as well as the hulking Rampage MT v4 and all models are under $1000.

How do I mean “weird” well look at the Yeti XL… it’s a great machine but it is almost as big as some of the 5th scale vehicles or how about the CEN Colossus, these trucks are huge and are still 8th scale. It really comes down to fuel preference. The gasoline Redcat Rampage vehicles are the most cost efficient way to get a big slugger of a RC truck or buggy in your stable. Not to mention the huge power output of the gas versions. The 5th gas vehicles are the only vehicles I instantly want to drive. They power through everything and look great doing it. Come in to see the models on display.