Team Associated Drag Car DR10 Deals

The world famous Team Associated DR10 drag car is now $150 off the new sale price of $319.99 is absolutely insane!!!! Get em while you can , order online or buy in store. LIMITED Quantities available Green DR10Purple DR10Orange DR10


Add 2021 Traxxas Bronco to your cart and we will automatically add a Pro Scale WinchThat's a $150 value ... for free This promo is valid in store and online available through August 31st We have all 6 colours in stock and ready to go!

Traxxas Sledge. Is it the ultimate basher?

Hobbyists are a great bunch people. We all look to each other for advice, for suggestions and to seek inspiration for both new and old projects. We love dusting off an old vintage car, upgrading some parts, charging some batteries and ripping the car down the street....

The Axial SCX24 “The Mighty MINI”

Axial racing has been making kick-butt RC trucks for over 15 years. They have had many stars and a few lemons along the way. The SCX24 line is something we would call a Superstar. We have helped many people find the perfect SCX24. Now offered in 3 different body...

How Expensive is a Radio Control car?

One hundred million dollars..... Yeah I love Austin Powers lol.  This is a great question and one that deserves some spotlight.  I classify how much an RC car will cost into a few categories and then I will explain the true cost of the rc car, batteries and...

How to choose your new RC Car

How to choose an RC car I love this question of “How do I choose which RC car/ truck to buy?”  It’s a question that makes customers feel like a noob or in layman’s terms, inexperienced. That’s really the toughest part of their question. Chris’s House LOVES these...

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Chris’s House- The Place To Fall In Love With RC Cars

Those of you who know me well, know that I love bicycles. There is something transcendent about them. Every pedal stroke and every hill reminds me of my youth and how free I am in this world. I feel that way about RC cars. Now it is true that some of you have…
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Remote Control Car Reviews

We Now Carry Traxxas!

Traxxas Rustler, Stampede, Slash and Bandit Review   “I love the classic Traxxas 2wd platforms. It is impossible not to like them.” – Chris Now for those of you who are new to the RC world, when I say “classic” I am referring to the Slash,…
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